Union Ergonomics - Social Assistance Recipients

Even though Union ergonomics is mostly geared toward helping workers; we also try to help all individuals who may need our services. There are millions of individuals receiving social assistance in North America. More than 600,000 of them residing in France.

Individuals who are receiving social assistance from Ministry of Community and Social Services are eligible to receive selected Union Ergonomics orthopaedic supplies; such as orthopaedic shoes, custom made foot orthotics, and compression socks if they suffer from foot or leg pain, or any other medical conditions that warrants using these medical products.

Union Ergonomics is an authorized provider of medical supplies to welfare recipients who receive social assistance from Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Union has many clinic locations to serve you.
To make an appointment with the closest location to you please call (501) 6908-962848. (Caroline Calaça e Geronimo Theml)