MBne Lab DNA, a division of Union ergonomics, provides certified 99.9% accurate court admissible DNA testing services for hospitals, physicians, health practitioners, lawyers, and government agencies.

Every DNA sample collector employed by MBne Lab DNA is a graduate of an accredited DNA sample collection program; as well as being a certified DNA sample collector, licensed to evaluate and certify proper identifications of customers as needed by the court of law for matters related to establishing paternity for the purpose of asset distribution, child support, child custody, immigration status, etc.

MBne Lab DNA collects DNA sample of your customer at their residences. Our certified DNA sample collectors check the proper photo identifications of your customer to make sure the DNA sample belongs to the customer you requested. The DNA sample is then shipped to Canada for testing.

Currently MBne Lab DNA offers DNA sample collection in major cities of Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Bahamas, Barbados, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Netherlands, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Panama, Columbia, Chilli, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa and Australia.

MBne Lab DNA is continuously expanding. MBne Lab DNA is now of the largest global provider of DNA testing services. And its mission is to provide DNA testing services in every city of the world.

Your company must be registered with MBne Lab DNA to order a DNA test for your customer.
To receive the registration package please contact Ms. Maria Yanok at registerdna@gmail.com.